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Summer Exhibition!

On the 25th June I visited the Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition. It is an exhibition of new up-and-coming artists work and many pieces are for sale. This was the first time I had been to the Royal Academy and I was surprised before I had even got inside the builing because it is such a beautiful building from the outside.

All the work featured in the exhibition was very unique and different I found it very inspiring and interesting. A few of my favorite pieces in the gallery were Ana Garel-Jones & Sophie Hayes-Tree 1 because although the tree is black it shows the detail of the branches and the light catching the top of the tree really well. It has been made using a screen print and Acrylic paint on canvas which I think worked really well for this design.

Another piece I really liked was Keith Tyson’s- Deep Impact because it is made up of bright red, orange and yellow colours which reminds me of a warm fire or volcano and the finish is very shiny which makes the colours more intense and rich. He used different materials on aluminium which I have never considered trying and this piece of work is very unique.

One of the last pieces I looked at in the gallery was Mini Marilyns made by David Mach. I loved this piece of work because it reminds me of Andy Warhol’s work becaue of the colours used and the repeat pattern of the faces but because of the materials used which also makes it 3D because his piece of work is made from matches which I think is reall unique and inspiring with the range of materials you can use in art.

Another few pieces that caught my eye where Alexis Harding-Crack-Tip, John Dilnot-Moth collection, David Stewart-Limelight and James Hugonin-Binary Rhythm

Unfortunately I wasnt able to take any photos inside the gallery so I took a few of the outside but thereĀ are some photos of the work on the internet which you should deffinitely look at because they are amazing!

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